Documentary Shorts

Filial Son of Bukit Merah

Director / Editor: Grace Baey
Camera: Pandora Wong, Grace Baey

Undertaker Tommy Yu helps elderly persons living alone in Singapore fulfil their last rites.

Tea Traditions

Camera / Editor: Grace Baey

Kenry Peh, owner of Singapore's oldest tea merchant, Pek Sin Choon shares why preparing tea by hand still matters in the age of industrial production.

The Soul of Sophanna

Producer: Grace Baey
Director: Juliana Tan
Camera / Editor: Axel Tan
Animator: Jerrold Chong

Meet the soul behind Cambodian musician, Sophanna, and why his songs have a special purpose.

Hagar International

Camera / Editor: Grace Baey

Hagar International's 25th anniversary video recounts the powerful stories of Rithy, Aly and Longdy.

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