Grace Baey is a Singapore-based photographer and videographer with an interest in social issues. A human geographer by training, she uses visual storytelling as a way of engaging more intimately with these issues. 

Of interest to her are questions of place, identity, and belonging. Her current work deals with issues of social marginalization, with particular focus on the transgender community in Southeast Asia and Singapore.

Exhibitions / Awards

  • 2018. Artist-in-residence, Exactly Foundation
  • 2018. Artist-in-residence, Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film 
  • 2017. This is My Last Life, "In Search of __", Artistry Cafe Gallery, Singapore
  • 2016. The Space Between Us, Kuala Lumpur Photo Festival (KLPF), Malaysia
  • 2015. 8 Women, Grey Projects, Singapore
  • 2015. Back-alley Room, "c2015 -", Noise Singapore, DECK


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